Why immigration to Germany is quite increasing?


Germany has become one of the prominent destinations for immigration compared to other countries. Millions of people living in this country are not the born citizens of this country. They have been come from some other countries and made their immigration to Germany for many reasons. Among the people working there, most of them are immigrants of the country. People who are trying to find a job in Germany they can visit happiercitizens.com for better guidance.


Opportunities for immigrants in Germany

The economy of Germany has been greatly impacted because of immigrants. This has also lead to great employment in the country. Few people have started a new business here and few have become like a senior executive in the companies. The immigrants in Germany have their jobs in many sectors like media and civil services. The German association of Trade and Invest has been cooperating well for the immigrants who are trying to set up a business.  They can refer to the guide released for the complete information about taxes and rules before starting a business.

There is major scope for employment in Germany and so the economy of the country is growing rapidly. So immigration to Germany for seeking a job is a boon for anybody. Job seeker visa is available for a period of six months. This visa is for just to stay in the country and find a job. Employment cannot be offered with this visa. Once the job is found, then the person can avail a European blue card and extend the stay in the country. While applying for this visa, proper documents should be produced regarding education and job.

The interview process will be conducted for every immigrant and candidates who have applied should have the fact in mind that the visa may be rejected. The family members of German residents can apply for the job directly. A businessman who is planning to invest and create job opportunities through their initiatives can also apply for a permanent visa to settle in Germany. People having a Schengen visa can stay and roam in Germany freely.

Application procedure for immigration to Germany

  • As a first step the immigrant must fill up the residence permit application and it should be received by the German embassy.
  • The embassy will send this application to the immigration office and the application is being checked by them along with the employment.
  • Once the application is approved the Embassy offers a visa to the applicant.
  • Both the immigrant and the family can apply for permanent residence after reaching the country through local foreign authority.

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