The tradition of Ghana music!

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The traditional music of Ghana can be divided into many parts depending upon the geography of the music. It is open and vastly used between the savanna country of northern ghana which is occupied by the Ghanaians of gur and the man de language speaking groups. OIt is also spread across the fertile and forested coastal areas. These areas are inhabited by the Ghanaians who speak Kwa language and Akan language. Click here to Ghana Music Download .

Ghana Music Download

The northern traditions of music basically belong to the wider tradition of Sahelian music. If there is a mix of melody on the instruments that are strung which includes Teknologi lute and the money fiddle, then it can be called the ghana music. The ghana music also includes dome instruments that operate with the help of the wind. These instruments include flutes, drum, gourd drums, or the bracket bass drums. This tradition of music which is known as gyil is also quite common among the Ghanaians. This is especially very common among people who reside in the northern and western parts of the country and also Wa and lawra. The music style in the northern parts is majorly set to a minor pentatonic or chromatic scale and melisma plays an important part in melodic and vocal styles. There is a long history of either griot or praise-singing traditions.

The music that is made from the coast is generally associated with social functions. And, this actually also relies on the complex polyrhythmic patterns that are played on the drums and also with the help of bells. The harmonized songs are also plated using the bells and the drums. In the coastal part, the drums and the dance are mostly linked to one another. There is also a tradition of royal drum talking. This royal drum talking means music is widely used for communication of both tangible and esoteric topics. Kete and the Adowa drums are the drums that are very well known drums of the southern ghana. This will also include the bell which is used in the music. Music is also often linked to the traditional religions belonging to the whole part. An exception to this rule is the Akan tradition of singing with the Seperewa harp-lute which had its origins in the stringed harps of the north and west.

During the Gold Coast era lexie period, the Gold Coast was a kind of the main centric place for the musical syncretism. Many rhythms combined with the high life of the living. These rhymes include Gombe and sashiko, guitar-styles such as mainline and osibisaba, European brass bands, and sea shanties.

Mid-20th century and the invention of Ghanaian pop

In 1957, ghana became an independent nation. Then the music of ghana began to prosper. Always, this ghana music had a Caribbean influence on it. Yet it also has its own flavour. High life elements are the ones that incorporated music that has the combination of these instruments like swing, jazz, rock, ska, and soukous. The important thing is that the Ghanian music tasted its success in the united state of America.