Terrarium and its Benefits

Terrarium Workshop Singapore

In today’s world, a terrarium is more popular and it looks like a fancy word. The term refers to an indoor garden and it is grown with the glad jar. Moreover, it looks like a mini aquarium but except fish is not present in that aquarium alternately plants is used to grow. It another option for all nature lovers who more interested in gardening but lack garden space.

Different types of terrarium

Terrarium Workshop Singapore

We all know that terrarium is two types, but there are also some varieties in the terrarium. And there are also have different ways to build a terrarium which is incorporated by Terrarium Workshop Singapore . Each type of terrarium has unique features, requirements, uses, and benefits.

Dish terrarium.

Probably it was the easiest terrarium while compared to other types of terrariums. It is so convenient and manageable to build. This dish terrarium was created with different types of plants and different containers also. It requires humidity setup is low and with no water at all for plants. A major advantage for this terrarium type plants doesn’t need time and don’t need all features while compared to other types of the terrarium. There is no need for substrate layers and we can eliminate drainage also. Another merit is that this terrarium will allow other varieties of plants to grow in this setup which is not grown in an outdoor environment. For a successful dish terrarium, some key points should follow properly by the people. First, we have to create the layer at the bottom of the container with gravel, and the second step is to fill half an inch with soil and the last step is to place the chosen small plant.

Succulents Terrariums

The tremendous growing plant is succulent and it is popular who knows this plant, but most of the people find to know about this plant. Generally succulent have fleshy leaves and the leaves store the water. A succulent terrarium is less popular but this idea was an interesting fact for indoor decoration. To make this terrarium, we need a hanging terrarium, a wonderful assortment of small succulent, gravel, a watering can, and seasonal decoration. Making a correct succulents terrarium is a key to make all the layers and things properly. And decorates with our creative mind when it was ready. The last thing is to hang the terrariums inside the home where ever we like.

Orchid terrarium

In terrarium types, it is also a great type. This terrarium type is loved by people who love gorgeous flowers. This terrarium will turn the mood into happiness and also make the home very lite. While others seeing our home they will definitely think the orchid terrarium loved by many people in the house it was made by many people also. While creating our own terrarium, we have ensured the hole in containers because the orchid terrarium will not survive with high humidity, and the hole is called a drainage hole. Mason Jar is also the right choice for an orchid terrarium to make it a creative one. Process in this terrarium is to layer that contained with rocks and pebbles and most important is to ensure that drainage hole has occurred or not. orchid plants is placed inside the container and make the decoration with some mosses, small trees, and ferns. Most important is to choose the right orchid ranging from old to new.