The Web Design Options You Need So Dearly

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As simple as this may seem, it is important to pay close attention to the images you choose for your site, as they can directly affect your traffic and increase your bounce rate. For example, a user who comes across a pixelated (distorted) image directly associates image quality with their entire site, which can lead to a huge loss of customers without the user even knowing their proposal. The support of the sacramento web design happens to be essential here.

Because of this, it is important to always pay attention to the quality of the images you intend to use, either in your home or on the auxiliary pages.

sacramento web design

Search for quality images that your persona can identify with focus on finding photos with people who resemble the audience you are targeting this will create direct empathy with your viewers and can make all the difference in conversions.

Colors to bring excitement

When choosing colors for your site, it is important to consider the importance they have on users’ psychological behavior according to Robert Plutchik’s theory of emotions, colors can express or emphasize feelings in our mind, thus encouraging or retracting.

User behavior on your page

We can’t forget about your company’s own colors, which need to set the main tone on every page of your site so that the user always has the image of your business alive in his or her head.

To combine these elements and bring a color balance to your site, the best option would be to have the help of a design professional who specializes in website development, but you can get a sense of the best color options with tools like the disk. Adobe Color Library, which lets you enter the best color options to match your brand’s colors.

Create CTAs that convert

In the end, all the actions you seek to perform on your site are to achieve your ultimate goals, right?

To do this, all of the above needs to be combined with an excellent Call to action (CTA) it is the final path that separates all visitors to your site from those who will actually convert.

To create an excellent CTA, the tip does not go far from what we had already said: “less is more”. However, it is not enough simply to create a button saying “click here” your call needs to be more persuasive, showing an advantage right away for the visitor.

Below are some examples of how cat’s are converting:

Simple navigation

All successful internet sites follow the same principle: create simple, easy-to-use navigation for the user, which we can attribute to the intuitive design.

This principle of web design focuses on allowing simple and objective navigation for all visitors, preventing them from finding any page that is not of interest to them and that can make them abandon the entire site.

Here are some good practice tips to get you started:

  • Keep the navigation structure simple and intuitive;
  • Add a slash indicating the path the user takes to your site;
  • Add relevant links to each page the user enters;
  • Have all pages have a footer at the end so that the user does not have to page up.