The Major Reason For the Online Game Addiction

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Many people today spend a substantial amount of time in today playing games, the online games tend to be attractive due to their great gameplay. This has an easy user interface and addictive entertainment.  These games are often free of cost. One can also play game offline. Online games have a huge fan following and that what the source of entertainment. The game is fixed to attract the user. The option available is to attract the user and keep them active on the screen. As a result, they become addicted to the game and the fascination with them has to know bounds.

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Online games are exactly about to grab the attention of the youth world.  The major reason for the addiction features in online games is to be discussed below.

Competitive nature: Every online game has a competitive element to it. The fact that everyone can access scores and compare them to the best on the internet motivates everyone to strive to improve and one day surpass that one top scorer. This draws their attention to the game in a way that no other method can, and it is critical to the success of online gaming.

The thirst to go top: When it comes to a plot or a level-based game, the desire to reach the top of each level is essential to keeping the user’s attention. Each consumer tends to focus on the current game to advance to the most difficult level and win it. Some people don’t even take a break between stages, instead of remaining glued to their computers.

Imagining themselves as a character: Online role-playing games provoke a young player to imagine themselves as the character they are impersonating in the game, actually results in the virtual world becoming the world in which they live, and significant effort is required to bring them back to the real world once they turn on their computers to play such a game.

Unlocking feature: Games that have all levels locked, such as Angry Birds by Rovio Mobile, tend to engage users’ attention by making them wish for all levels to be unlocked. This anticipation leads to a tendency for playing continuously until one set of levels has been done, which is a major ace in the developer’s wallet for getting profit.

Making friends: Online gaming, which is connected to a server spread all over the world, enables everyone to interact with a significant number of other gamers, making it easier to make friends, compete with them, and have the time of their lives. That’s also particularly true for the isolated young people who have few friends at college because they find the better company and gain confidence through such digital devices.

The major reason behind addiction: The cause of such addiction seen in today’s youth for gaming, particularly online gaming, is being debated. Some blame it on the parents for letting their children use computers at a young age when they haven’t yet learned to sort out their priorities, while others blame this on the youth because most of them tend to ignore studies when given half a chance, and that chance is provided by a suitable teenager.