Men’s Social Vest: Learn To Wear In Style

gilet urbain homme

In essence, the men’s social vest is part of the trio of pieces that make up a complete suite: trousers, vest and jacket. But some men like to use it alone. What do I have to say about this? It’s a great idea. As long as you know how to put together a look that doesn’t make you look like a member of the Backstreet Boys in the 90’s. That’s why here are some tips on how to wear a men’s social vest without a jacket. Let’s have a look? With the gilet urbain homme you can have the best deals now.

Fall Is the Key, As Always

Whenever the subject is men’s fashion, the first step to getting the look right is paying attention to the trim of the pieces. In other words, no loose jackets that looks sloppy. Prefer one that is slimmer and fits your body.

gilet urbain homme

Be careful not to look like a waiter

White shirt and black vest, apparently nothing wrong with this combination, right? Only you will look just like a waiter. Then change the color of the shirt, or the vest, or both. Textures are always welcome as well.

Preferred, Leave Buttons Closed

When you wear a vest, the goal is to make your look more elegant, correct? This will not happen with the buttons open, so remember to close them. The exception is the last one, which can be left open if you want.

T-Shirt: Better Don’t Risk

The vest is a social piece, a casual t-shirt. Therefore, they do not look very well together. You can even get it right as long as you do a great job at textures and colors. But in 90% of cases it will go wrong. Better not risk it.

Yes, You Can Wear With Jeans Pants

Can you wear a waistcoat with jeans? Yes, sir. Just be careful to choose more pants serious. That is, dark and without tears. Otherwise it won’t be cool. Other options are tailoring or twill pants.

The tie can be a great ally

Want to make your look killer? Then wear a tie with your vest. Always inside him, please. It’s super stylish.

Horizontal Sews Vs. Losango

The most traditional models are those with horizontal or diamond-shaped seams. There is no contraindication to any of them. You can bet fearlessly on both as long as not together, of course.

Bet On Neutral Colors

As mentioned in the text of the puffer jacket, the padded Gomes are flashy, so the idea is to balance this feature by betting on neutral colors for the piece. Navy blue is infallible. Or black, military green, beige and lead. Do you want to dare a little? The wine can be an interesting option.

Long Sleeve T-Shirt

If the weather is not too cold, you can wear your puffer vest with a t-shirt. Does it work with the short sleeve? Yeah, but you are not a fan of this combination, so it’s kind of out of context. If the temperature is hot enough to keep your arms out, why wear a vest? So fashionistas suggest the long-sleeved one. How about a Henley collar to create a rustic look? It feels amazing.