How to Write and improve a press release

how to write a decent press release

A press release put together all the elements you need to take care of carefully. When asked how to write an effective press release always remember this scheme. Do you want to write a successful press release? Now your press release is legible and still requires a little effort to be published. A handful of tricks and it’s done: here’s the checklist. In such cases, you would need to know how to write a decent press release properly. The task is not easy at all. You need to have a proper idea for the same.

how to write a decent press release

Where to put the logo in the press release

You are a company, an association; you have partners or sponsors for the event. Great, insert your logo in the header but also that of the realities that accompany you.

Paragraphs, formatting, text syntax

The press release must be well written. No misprints, no complex syntax, no companies, politicize. No formatting that causes seasickness. Remember to reread before sending a press release.

When to send a press release

Yes, you are excited about your event. But if the convention is in May, don’t send the press release in February. Send it in human times, depending on the flow. In general, a week or two should suffice. If you send it in advance, send a reminder a few days before the event. A tip: send the communiqué in the morning, it is the time of the day when the editors and bloggers check the e-mail and have more chances to insert the news by evening.

Issue a press release via email

Here there are two opposing schools of thought: those who prefer to send the press release as a PDF attachment, those who paste it into the text of the email.  The attachment is in Portable Document Format. It is more elegant and there is no risk of finding the formatting at random after sending. However, don’t forget that many journalists need to copy and paste the press release: in cases, it may be convenient to have a Word template.

If you think that pasting the release on the e-mail is faster for the recipient, remember to attach a copy of it anyway: whatever happens, it will still have the original. If it’s an event and you have a set list, send the attached one too. Carefully prepare at least three or four photos to attach, so that more blogs and newspapers can choose and you do not find yourself with eight identical published articles.

High quality, low weight

The image emphasizes, use it properly. You need some tools to reduce your photo weight and a list to find free images online.

Press release: ready to send?

Just follow these rules to set up an effective press release. And increase the chances of seeing the news published. Optimize your news and the results will not be long in coming. That’s it.  Your press release is ready. Avoid the classics with publication prayers, maximum circulation and hoping to do something pleasing. The text for sending the press release must be treated with great care. Address the email to the individual journalist or blogger.