How to Choose the Most Stylish Wine Stand


There are things that give the interior of the house sophistication and elegance. One of these items is a stand for wine, which can be made in an individual design. The device, in addition to creating an atmosphere, provides comfortable storage of wine bottles. Stands can differ in a unique form, original design and functional use. There is also a difference in placement, type of material, volume. In the process of choosing a design, it is worth considering all of the above features. In case you visit Flakko for the best result now.

What is needed for?


The presented interior item will benefit winemakers. The wine rack or stand for bottles of wine is practical – here you can put containers with a drink. With proper storage, the wine retains its properties and quality. The device performs several additional functions:

  • Decorates the interior of the kitchen or dining room
  • Can be an interesting gift option
  • Guarantees 100% integrity of the bottle during storage.

To decorate the festive table, a beautiful bottle should be placed in an elegant stand, which will improve the aesthetic appearance and culture of drinking.

  • Rustic
  • Wine stand
  • Stylish varieties

In addition to functionality, the stand for storing wine should match the interior of the room. This item is easy to perform if you pick up a stylish product that has a special design. At the time of purchase, you should pay attention to whether the appearance of the appliance matches the design of your kitchen. If the design style is fully respected, the concept will be retained. Due to what, wine bottles will not only be stored correctly but will also attract attention with their grace.


There are designs that differ in particular criteria. A wine rack or shelf that is mounted horizontally or vertically to the wall has several advantages at once:

  • Space-saving on the table and work surface
  • The bottle shelf on the wall always looks original, decorating the overall interior
  • The highly fixed design will not allow children to get to the contents
  • Can hold many bottles without risk of falling
  • Some models have an additional compartment for glasses.

Several fixed shelves on the wall for bottles can create a real composition that can replace a picture, a panel or a niche.


A wine rack or bottle stand can overload the interior, taking up a lot of room space. An ideal budget option, which does not take up much space, but will look elegant, is a corner stand. The product visually represents a triangle, which is located at an angle to the surface of the table. The design is designed for one bottle and assumes the presence of a hole designed to hold the neck of the container. Thanks to accurate calculations, the location of the fasteners, the placed bottle keep the balance of the whole structure.


The balancing design for holding a bottle of wine is the most popular. Typically, this stand is made of wood, without additional decor. The principle of the product is minimalism. The item takes up little space and looks concise. The design maintains balance due to the unique geometry of the case, accurate calculations during the design process of the product. If you possess the above knowledge, then the balancing stand for wine with your own hands is made without much effort.