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business consultants in Dubai

The objectively existing reasons and they will contribute to the further growth of the Russian-American conflict for a long time, therefore, for investors and not only for Russian but also for overseas in these conditions it is important to continue the search for regions that can provide both an adequate level of investment protection and high return on invested capital. From the business consultants in Dubai , you can find the best bits.

business consultants in Dubai

As one of these regions, consider the United Arab Emirates a country of oil, sand and camels. The UAE in a sense is a unique country since it is a federal state uniting seven dwarf emirates-kingdoms: Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Ras al-Khaimah, Umm al-Qaiwain, Fujairah and Sharjah. Moreover, each emirate is headed by an absolute monarch emir. The ruler of the UAE is the strongest of the emirs, controlling the largest oil and gas reserves. At present, it is the emir of the emirate of Abu Dhabi. Therefore, although the ruler of the United Arab Emirates is called the president, in fact, he is the real king of kings, like Xerxes the ruler of ancient Persia, and the post of President is inherited, and not through elections.

Business Climate

Speaking about the business and investment climate of the Emirates, first of all, note that, according to the Doing Business-2014 rating, the UAE has the most advanced taxation system in the world. Moreover, the United Arab Emirates has held this place of honor for more than a year.

The UAE is characterized by a small amount of taxes, simple tax reporting and low tax rates on the activities and income of individuals and legal entities. The tax rate in the United Arab Emirates is about 2.5 times slower than the average for OECD countries and about three times lower than in the Russian Federation, which is a significant bonus for any commercial organization operating in the UAE.

Tax Consultancy

Considering that both direct and indirect taxes are equally low in the Emirates, this country can be considered both as a classic offshore and as a country for real business and investment. It is important to note that the UAE not only has a highly liberal tax policy but also boasts extremely favorable international trade conditions 4th place in the world, as well as a minimum of bureaucratic delays in registering enterprises, obtaining building permits 5th place in the world and connecting to the energy supply system.

In general, according to doing business experts, the UAE is currently on the list of the most favorable countries for doing business 23rd place in the world ranking, in which it is easy to open your own business, build your own house and make a profit in the future.

The Facts

Without a doubt, in many respects, the experience of the United Arab Emirates should be regarded as a kind of guideline for Russian officials. The fact is that only forty years ago, the UAE was a commonplace raw materials appendage of the global economy, earning exclusively from the sale of oil and gas abroad. That is precisely why the power in this country is still distributed based on the volume of hydrocarbon reserves controlled by the corresponding emir.

However, although in the political sense, the UAE is still in the middle Ages, in economic terms, in recent years, the Emirates have made a powerful leap forward, radically changing the structure of their own economies and repeatedly reducing the UAE’s dependence on the oil and gas needle.