Curved Stair lift Configurations

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Stair carries that may work on flexuous support ways also will work on straight stairways however area units are typically custom engineered to suit and since of this tend to be costlier than a typical straight stairlifts bristol .


Below may be a list of common choices flexuous support lifts will have and a quick rationalization of each:

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Top or Bottom Overrun – associate degree overrun is at either finish of the way or each ends. it’s wherever the star carries track runs on the ground off from very cheap, or top, of the way. It will typically be no matter the length the user would love.

Intermediate Landing – associate degree intermediate landing is wherever there’s a flat space half manner on away. flexuous support lifts will follow the slope of the way, level out at the landing then adapt to the slope of the following section of the way.

90° Flat Landing – this is often a flat landing that involves a 90° modification of direction within the way. like the intermediate landing, the flexuous support carry can follow the slope of the steps however build grade activates the landing.

180° Flat Landing – constant because of the 90° flat landing however the flip is 180° on the landing.

90° Short Spiral – The 90° short spiral is analogous to the 90° flat landing however their area unit typically three or four pie formed steps throughout the flip. Again, the support carry rail can follow the slope of the way throughout the length of the way as well as the curve.

180° Short Spiral – constant because the 90° short spiral however doubly as long involving half dozen to eight pie-formed steps and a 180° flip.

Large Radius Spiral – an oversized radius spiral may be a way that’s flexuous all the manner through the way with pie formed steps nearly the complete length. The flexuous support carry can follow the slope of the big radius spiral throughout its length.

Outside Curve – an out of doors flexuous support carry follows the slope of the steps on the comparatively mild outside arc of the way. this is often the foremost common type of flexuous support carry and may be used on any of the choices higher than that involve a modification in direction on the way.

Inside or Reverse Curve – A reverse curve support carry follows the slope of the steps within the arc of the curve as against the skin arc of the way. The curve is way cheat and also the slope is way vessel on the within of the arc however some support lifts will work.

Because of the custom nature of flexuous support lifts, they’ll not unremarkably be utilized in any location aside from the situation they’re originally designed for. even though the 2 stairways look identical, a fraction of an in. distinction on the peak or depth of the support treads or a distinction within the length or angle of the way can forestall its re-installation.

A second advantage is that the area unit pretty generic and also the owner can typically be able to take them with them if they move. presumptuous that the new way is not longer than the initial one. Straight support lifts are move match shorter stairways however new tracks have to be compelled to be purchased to create them longer. With the newer forms of support adding new tracks ought to be fairly simple. The older models area unit troublesome and dearly-won to feature track sections due to the shut match between the track and support carry chair.