Be a good and loveable person for all

live in care

In the universe, the soul can live like nearly spiritual, vexed, etc. But prime tiny of them crosses their life part. Plenty of them tries to do that thing. But they can’t. Some of them do the excellent tasks like social welfare, be love to each other in humankind, they just lay hold of their new-born children, and they move to school academy, and then they want a job and storage of their family, and now they are golden ager. They can’t survive on their legs. Because in that geriatric they can’t walk, or they can’t do their work at home. The soul of life lives like the other man’s leg. So, someone wants to love and live in care . Be a kind and a good heart to all of them to be good at all the forms. They are just aged, not so old.

live in care

Care about others 

First, what do you think about life in care? Some mortal people believed that it was a policy, etc. But it’s not a policy. It’s a care homer by home. They can take off our geriatric while stay in our home. They can help our aged get the medicine dose correctly, and some medicine drugs to them will cure some ailment. The seniors got a lot of diabetes mellitus, peptic ulcers, and a lot. They would struggle there life in full so that the help of some people. So that they want to get some ingredients at the correct time. The have bedsores, the myocardial infrastructure it’s also a disease that can come for 95 percent of the world. They work for 24 hours in all weeks. They would like to love them, care for them, and always make marvellous happy to be with them. They share their worst feeling and the curious feeling about their fantasy life of them. They can take care of their quarter half of life; they can be attached to them. The caring about others will be shown this time.

Golden ager what they think about that they think about their family and their children. They love them. But they don’t have any time to chat with them. They like to talk a lot with their children and their grandson, but the present mover society doesn’t have time to talk to them. But they think about there always. Sometime it will make so much sad and cause them to illness. So the present youngest wants to take some time to join and chat with them.

Catch up with knowledge 

In the home, they can get a lot of facilities to increase knowledge in the present world. They can try to use some mobile phones, like social media, the caretaker can help them teach about the mobile how to use. They want to scroll the screen to see what post or something, whether they want to like that or share the news with their family and their old friend. In some time, they can read some books while there are free from all. They are excellent listeners so that the caretaker can read the knowledge in the world.