Basic Words to Write on a Headstone


A tombstone is a marker that sits over a grave, and the gravestone engravings composed on them for the most part incorporate the expirer’s name, date of birth, date of death, and at times straightforward maxims or refrains. Be that as it may, there are numerous approaches to improve a tombstone, and make it a more extravagant accolade for your cherished one.

Straightforward Headstone Inscriptions 

To begin with, set aside a little effort to truly consider such an individual’s reality and what he intended to everybody. That should enable you to choose what sort of recognition would be generally fit. Here are a couple of essential classes that most Headstones  maxims fall into, just as certain instances of what you could have engraved.

Life References as Headstone Messages 


Comments in this class of tombstone engravings for the most part recognize something about an individual’s different functions throughout everyday life. They may likewise incorporate individual assessments you’d prefer to communicate about your adored one.

  • Here lies an adored mother, spouse, little girl, and so forth.
  • Here lies an adored spouse, father, child, and so on.
  • Here lies a warrior who served his/her nation well.
  • The sun sparkled more brilliant because she was here.
  • Beloved by family, valued by companions
  • The world is a more extravagant spot since he once lived.

Individual Grave Marker Quotes 

Some of the time a less conventional articulation makes a superb statement to put on a tombstone, particularly if it’s an immediate statement of your adored one. Here are a few models.

  • “I carried on with a decent life. Presently I’ll have a decent rest.”

Demise and Faith Headstone Quotes 

False Bible stanzas, the accompanying idioms mirror an individual’s confidence in life following death.

  • Have confidence we’ll meet once more.
  • God called me home to Heaven.
  • Parted by death, we’ll be brought together in Heaven.
  • Don’t sob. I’m essentially resting in God’s arms.
  • I take off with the blessed messengers and sing with the Heavenly ensemble.

Book of scriptures Scripture Headstone Verses 

Peruse the Bible and discover sacred writings that address you about your cherished one’s demise to use as grave marker truisms. Here are models from Scripture that would be proper for a gravestone.

A few gravestones are sufficiently enormous to compose a short sonnet on them. You can compose your sonnet or utilize one previously composed by another person and give the writer credit.

The accompanying extract from John Donne’s popular sonnet, Death Be Not Proud, could make a fitting message for a tombstone.

“One short rest past, we wake endlessly

Also, demise will be no more; Death, thou shalt kick the bucket.”

Emily Bronte’s sonnet, Death, paints a striking picture of a daily existence cut down in its prime. There’s one line specifically that would make a contacting memorial.

“Distress passed, and culled the brilliant blossom…”

The stone on the grave of writer Mark Twain’s girl is engraved with the last verse of a sonnet named Annette, initially composed by Robert Richardson. Twain modified the last line marginally to peruse:

“Goodbye, dear heart, great night, goodbye.”

Composing Your Own Beautiful Words for a Gravestone

Choosing which engraving to put on a friend or family member’s tombstone isn’t generally a simple activity. On the off chance that you need to spare your friends and family from the duty of picking your memorial, consider what you may like your tombstone to state, and ensure your desires are known early. Simply pick cautiously, regardless of whether you’d like it to be something amusing, on the grounds that whatever you have composed will be the last effect you have behind.