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Are you a soccer fan? Which team do you supporting season matches? Do you know about Arsenal FC? How is its performance? I shall discuss all these questions in this article and give information about the history of Arsenal football club. As you know, soccer is a popular game and has supporters all over the world. There are different tournaments and a football world cup. There are different soccer clubs and teams in different countries. Soccer has some rules and regulations, and you need to follow them for getting to a winning position. Soccer is also called football in some countries.


In the UK, there are different clubs and organizations for soccer, for example, Celtic football club, Hotspurs and a lot of others. One of these clubs is Arsenal football club. It has a support base in the UK and in other countries. In the season matches, you have difficulty in booking your ticket for the match. If you want to buy man u tickets old trafford you need to go to their website or contact a ticket booking agent for buying its ticket. There is a rush of supporter, and it is good for you to buy tickets at the earliest so that you can support your favourite team, sitting on stadium chair and enjoying the match.

History of Arsenal FC

Arsenal was founded in 1886, by a Scotsman David   and his friend each of his friends contributed six pence to bear the expenses and club. It was named offer Royal arsenal complex. It won its first trophy in 1890, and it became a professional football club of London in 1891. It became a limited company in 189 and renamed itself to Woolwich Arsenal. It became the first southern member of the Football league. It started as first division and got promoted t second division in 1914.It faced a financial crisis and was about to be closed when Henry Norris helped the Arsenals, and he proposed them to relocated somewhere else. As there were a lot of football clubs in London, attracting the people? It relocated itself to High bury and again renamed itself to simple Arsenal in 1919.It was given a promotion to the First Division. They gradually dropped them from their name and simply became Arsenal, as this club is known today.

Financial affairs

With relocation and restructuring, the club rose to fame. There were a large number of supporters in its season matches. A seasoned manager Chapman was hired, and he took the club to new heights, and it became a financially sound and rich club of England. It was sarcastically called Bank of England club by some people due to its financial strength and money flow. It won a lot of tournaments. Afterwards Chapman died due to falling health nod the new managers did a good job. During world war 2, no trophy was held, and a lot of club players were killed during the war. It was the club that sacrificed more than any other club. It beans deteriorating financially, and the debt increased gradually.