A magic tool – adblocker


An adblocker is a specially designed software that helps to block all kinds of auto displayed ads that appear on a web browser. They are suitable for all kinds of desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. They are the browser extensions that remove the blinking or flashing ads and give you the web content you are looking for. An adblocker is used for a variety of reasons. Some people may find interrupting marketing ads very annoying or stressful. These marketing ads are intrusive by design. They appear when the users attempt to view the main content. A rollover ad or a video that is auto-played may be really irritating because it causes diverts the attention of the users and hamper the actual work process.


How does an ad block work?

There are different types of ad block. They are available for all variety of laptops, desktops, smartphones or even your tablets. They may work as stand-alone programs or as customized services or extensions with an operating system or a web browser to block ads and give great browsing experience to its users. They target ads like interstitial ads, banner ads, sticky ads, pop-ups, or auto-playing videos or audios and allow the users to surf the web without any interruptions or distractions. The ad block generally uses specific rules to filter the main content and hide or block ads on your web page. Sometimes you also have an option to customize rules to block ads which you don’t need. The benefit of adblocking software is wide-ranging. As the number of internet users is constantly increasing, the number of promotional advertisements to attract users of all kind is also increasing. So the demand for adblock is very high.

Uses of adblock:

  1. It helps to save data: Data usage matters a lot especially when you are using mobile data. The advertisements in the form of pop-ups and videos or audios that are auto-played in a website consume a lot of data. An adblock allow you to browse ad-free and save your data. Sometimes the popup ads chew more than half of your data pack. So the best option you have is to use adblocks. Once these online ads are removed from the main page then you have very fewer data to download which turns to be good news for you especially if you are on a lean data plan.


Improves Online Security issues: One of the major reasons to block ads is to improve security. Online advertisements may subject its users to a high risk of infecting their devices with Malware or Viruses. The threat of misuse of personal information is another big worry for all internet users. To deliver appropriate ads to the user’s Ad servers must monitor the users regularly so that they can gather all sorts of personal information related to users and their online habits. This hampers the privacy of users. So, Using Ad blockers stop ad servers from tracking all that personal information which the users may not wish to share.